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Summer: Ordering will begin April 27th. Financial Aid orders will be held until Financial Aid has been released by the Bursar's office. This process generally begins ten days before classes start.

Buyback begins April 20th!

Please order your books early to ensure prompt arrival.

The bookstore is not able to hold any books for reserve. Please ORDER your books here on our website to be shipped, or come to the bookstore with your schedule to pick up your books.

On-Line Purchase

Summer Financial Aid orders will begin being processed May 4th.
All financial aid orders will be processed in the order in which they were
received upon verification of Financial Aid from the Bursars office. If the
Bursars office does not release your financial aid to be used for your
purchase, your order will be held until your financial aid
is released. Please do not reorder without canceling your original
order or you may receive both orders when your account is approved.
When ordering books using Financial Aid, please choose "AR Charge" in the payment window. You will need your student "H"
number (student ID number) to put into the window below the words "AR Charge".